Wednesday, 13 August 2014


 August 12th 2014. Another long day of driving from St. Albert, which is North-West from Edmonton to Regina, where we are staying the night.
This morning we got a bit of a later wake-up, only having to get up at 7 o’clock. The churches we stay at are all so nice and welcoming. Breakfast was yummy, of course, why would it be anything else? We were on the road by 8 this morning.

We had many hours of driving to do. Our first stop was Lloydminster where we picked up Chris. We were finally arriving at the prairies. We passed by a park where Bison lived and we even got to see some. Oddly enough we haven’t seen that many animals, other then like, squirrels and bunnies. Some of the others were hoping to see a moose!
We had another shower break today, but this time in North Brattleford. First off we had a nice wrap lunch in the hot sun of Saskatchewan, then to the super awesome pool. It had a wave pool, a hot tub, two slides and a big pool. Fanciest one yet! We had about an hour and a half there, maybe a bit more before heading for our final destination; Regina.
Though we had one more pit stop either in or near Saskatoon. There was a giant coffee pot and mug so of course we needed to get a picture with that, and have a nice snack of watermelon and chips. There was even cage with exotic birds in it.

The bus ride from then on was the same as always. People moving around, playing cards, sleeping, even the game mafia popped up today and a little group started playing that.
We arrived in Regina at around 7 pm at the Living Spirit Centre. They were super nice and got us some pizza for dinner and another salad which is always nice. Though here we are starting to notice the bugs more. Mosquitos. It was a bit of free time after diner before our closing circle and meditation time. During the free time we even went outside to play Chuck the Chicken with Chucky. Now the leaders are rushing us to bed because we need to get an early start tomorrow!
~ S

Today alone I was killed multiple ways, and was a murderer many times in our SIX hours of playing Mafia. As well as, was tackled in mad attempt to grab a single spoon, and ran around frantically after a rubber chicken. And even though it may not suggest it I did all that with a bunch of amazing people. All the games we’ve played have been super fun, in fact this is by far the funnest bus ride I have ever been on. I think this trip was secretly created for the soul reason of making all following bus trips a disappointment, because I can’t imagine a bus trip will be this enjoyable again.
~ Michelle

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