Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Last Days of Rendezvous 2014

August 16th 2014, the last day of Rendez-vous! It’s happy and sad at the same time because we get to go home, but Rendez-vous is over. Same morning routine as every other morning. Though as soon as we were done breakfast we had to pack up our things and bring it to the University Center. The closing worship was a whole three hours today. There was music, stories, prayers, dancing and goodbyes. 

  Right before it was all over there was communion, and one last song before having to go get our lunch and say our final goodbyes before getting on the bus.
The way home was a lot more squished travel and time wise because we had fewer days. It was a lot of the same stuff on the bus, just hanging out.
Though something super exciting happened! We went bowling and had pizza dinner! That night we drove till about 11 pm when we arrived in Saskatoon where we slept.

We were all matching with our University of Winnipeg hoodies and Bison tank tops.
~ S

August 17th 2014, another long day of driving. We got to sleep in a little bit but not a whole lot, certainly since we were sleeping on a church floor. At this point there isn’t a whole lot to write about because most of the time we were sitting on a bus. A lot of card games were played, songs were sung, food was eaten. 

We went swimming in Lloydminster, and had a snack there because we were going to have an early dinner, 4:30, at The Spaghetti Factor. It was super nice getting out of the bus and being able to walk around, and have real nice dinner.

After dinner we had a stop and a quick game of Zap! was played just to stretch. That night we drove until about 10 when we arrived in Jasper. Once at the church we did our worship, had a snack then went to bed for another early morning.

August 18th 2014. Last day of everything! Early morning yoga was a thing in the nice crisp mountain air. We got on the bus and drove, forever, again. We stopped in Mt. Robinson to drop off Kim, Carl and Nina. We had lunch at a cute little Café and were given Freezies! We got back on the bus and our next drop off was in Kamloops, where we dropped of Kelsey and Michelle. Then it was the Langley kids, which was sad and hard because everyone else wasn’t allowed off the bus so it was squishy trying to say goodbye.

We went to the Ferries after that for the Vic City Kids (woot woot).

Last to go were the Richmond and Vancouver kids.

A sad end to a long journey where everyone got so much closer and so many new friendships were made. I will miss everyone so much!
~ S

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