Saturday, 9 August 2014

Our adventure begins!

Hello friends,

This blog will recount the story of our epic trip to Winnipeg to attend Rendezvous 2014, the United Church youth and young adult Conference, which will have young people from all over Canada gather to discuss, live, work, sing and pray together. Some of us are leaving Victoria today (Saturday, August 9th) and will meet with others from the Vancouver region tomorrow.  Others are arriving from the north, or we will meet them on the way.  Together we'll be traveling on a bus - weaving our way through valleys and mountains through this fantastic country of ours. Our first stop will be Prince George, where will be hosted by the good people of St. Andrew's United Church and where we will spend the night sleeping in the church basement or amongst the pews in the sanctuary.

We will recount our story in this blog, and invite you to follow along as we add to our adventures.  Every one of us will have an opportunity to share part of our story in this blog, and so there will be many voices with many perspective.  We will also have pictures to add visuals to our story.

We pray God's blessing on our pilgrimage.


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